Drafting & Design Services


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The Process

  1. Contact SHDLLC by phone or email with short description of your project. Fill out and return SHDLLC's Project START FORM to provide basic contact information and project information.

  2. We set-up a free one-hour consultation to discuss more particulars, either in-person or via email or phone, depending on your location (and current COVID-19 standards). You may be asked to provide additinal documents and files for a fuller understanding of your needs.

  3. Based on our discussions, SHDLLC writes a contract with description of SHDLLC limitations, scope of work, delivery, and estimation of fees. You review the contract and we clarify any necessary points.

  4. When you are ready to move forward, you give "Approval to Proceed" within in the time frame (usually 10 days) and pay the initial non-refundable deposit as stated in contract.

  5. Work begins and is invoiced according to the time period (e.g., every 2 weeks, monthly, in stages, or when complete) as stated in contract. SHDLLC determines the time period based upon the individual nature of your project.

  6. SHDLLC appreciates your prompt payment for services rendered. Credit cards via PayPal, cash, and check accepted.